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The Person
Experienced. Practical. Proven.

Kent Porter is a seasoned executive who has founded startup companies, run multi-million dollar enterprises, served as a CEO of a division of a multi-national corporation, and most recently, successfully coached entrepreneurs, middle market executives, and senior executives of the Fortune 1000.

Unlike executive coaches with mostly academic backgrounds, Kent Porter understands at a very deep level the challenges facing today’s business leaders. He is a recovering arrogant successful executive. An entrepreneur who asks questions, listens and challenges in a way others can hear.

The Process
Challenge. Discover. Transform.

Porter Leadership Development consists of a three-step proven process that ensures a personal transformation in leadership skills.

  1. Assessment. Using sophisticated assessment tools and in-depth interviews, a leadership profile is created that identifies current leadership strengths, personal blind spots, and high-leverage developmental opportunities.
  2. Action Plan. Next, a leadership development action plan is created that includes short- and long-term developmental goals and steps for implementing the tools and skills needed to accomplish them.
  3. Direct CEO-level Feedback™. An ongoing process of honest, direct feedback reinforces appropriate leadership behaviors and eliminates those that get in the way of achieving your desired goals.

The Promise
Transformative Leadership.

When you engage in a coaching relationship with Kent Porter, you will receive:

  • A customized coaching experience based on your specific developmental needs.
  • A deep, caring relationship from a seasoned executive whose only agenda is to help you become a more effective leader.
  • High level outside hones coaching on difficult people issues.
  • Direct CEO-level Feedback™  that supports an ongoing process of leadership skills development.
  • Verifiable increases in performance and results, both at the individual and organizational level.
  • A proprietary process that delivers permanent change in your ability to get results through others.