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Client Comments

Here are what clients say about their experience working with Kent:

"Kent Porter provides transformational development for senior executives and executive management teams. He focuses on helping individuals and teams change behaviors with the goal of improving organizational results. Along the way everyone who comes into contact with Kent learns and grows whether they are part of a 360 degree interview or the client executive.

In our organization, Kent worked with senior management on a one-on-one basis and with teams within our company. From the use of on-line assessment tools to shadowing, Kent employed a variety of methods to gage the current state of relationhips. As you would expect from a gifted professional, Kent is able to quickly frame the issues preventing a person or team from reaching a goal and then helping the person or team create and execute a development plan that leads to measurable progress.

We found that an investment in Kent's time will return several times the cost in better performance of the individual, the team and the organization."

Neal Nordstrom, Chief Operating Officer

"Kent has proven to be a valuable resource to me. I consider him a valuable member of my extended ‘staff’ who helps council and advise me on complex management and people issues."

Paul Mangano, President
L-3 Communications, EOTech

"Kent has been fantastic help to myself and our firm as we have developed from an ‘idea’ to a successful company operating in multiple regions of the World.   His guidance, advice, coaching and business acumen is exemplary and our weekly meetings have been a real pleasure to attend.  Kent keeps me accountable to my Company, my family and most importantly, myself.”

Scott Lane, Director & Principal
The Red Flag Group Limited

"Many who view investment management businesses that use quantitative investment processes often focus solely on the process, as if the people who build these processes are cogs in a stock ranking machine. Instead, we view investing as a 'team process' and investing as a 'talent business.' We desire the 'talent' to be happy and creative, and we need to work together as a team. When we hired Kent Porter we didn't view our team as 'dysfunctional.' But with respect to executive coaching the professional tennis world provides a useful analog: the best players have coaches - to be even better. Kent has helped us talk to each other in ways we wouldn't have considered. We are now more effective, creative, and productive in the way we conduct our investment research and build client portfolios."

Robert Snigaroff, President & CIO
Denali Advisors

"Kent is an executive coach who has worked with a middle market companies such as those that Huntington invests in.

He has also helped several of our portfolio companies by improving communication between executives. Good communication can significantly improve company performance.

One of the key areas that Huntington evaluates when considering an investment is the company's culture, particularly employee motivation and morale. Kent helps assess this before we invest.

Kent is proficient in leadership development. He is particularly successful helping executives improve their performance by holding people accountable, dealing with inter-personal conflict and breaking down barriers that reduce profits. I have frequently used Kent as a sounding board for ideas improving our own communications and management capabilities."

Morgan L. Miller, Jr., President & CEO
Huntington Capital

"Based on his actual experience operating companies and leading organizations, Kent brings a real business world approach to situations, not a theoretical text book approach."

Ron Lewis, Sales Manager Worldwide
Solar Turbines, A Caterpillar Company