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Hi, Iím Kent Porter, experienced executive and leadership coach. Welcome to my web site.

I invite you to browse the site and select tools to improve you and your teamís performance. The tools are absolutely free, and are specifically designed to change the way you manage people, relationships and conversations.

All the content is based on my practical background as a corporate executive, entrepreneur and active investor in VC funds, and my years of experience at the Center for Creative Leadership, which is more research oriented.

These are common sense tools that build people and profits. Hopefully, you will find them insightful and stimulating. As you browse the site, youíll gain a sense of what works and what doesnít, and you will probably find that they challenge many of your assumptions.

Here are a few challenges:

You and others think your job is to let them vent about another employee instead of coaching them to deal directly with that person. Direct conversations create trust, whereas triangulation and back channeling create distrust and spread a cancer within any organization. (Learn more: Stop the Erosion of Trust (audio), or written: Conflict Equals Collaboration, Relationships, and Responses to Conflict.)

You and others keep silent when someone frustrates you, slows you down or causes you to walk on egg shells. You are the problem, not them. They canít read your mind. Learn to tell them how, in a way they can hear, their behavior is impacting you. This breaks down barriers and saves time. (Learn more: Have that Difficult Conversation (audio), and Conflict Equals Collaboration (written).)

You and others excuse poor behavior by saying, "Iíve always done that, or that is just the way I am.Ē Instead of saying, "I have a bad habit of ___________. I want to stop this and you can help. Tell me when I ______________ because I have a blind spot." What a breath of fresh air! (Learn more: Changing Behavior (audio).)

You and others allow the "competent tyrant" to abuse people because they are competent, instead of helping them become effective by creating a plan that spells out the gap between poor behaviors and desired behaviors. Include how behaviors will be measured and the consequences of not closing the gap. Most people want to improve, but they canít if no one has cares enough to help them change. (Learn more: The Second Chance to Save a Job (audio), Development Plan Template, Development Plan Overview, Self-Audit on People Management Skills, How to Give CEO-Level Feedback and Conflict Equals Collaboration. (written).)

In my experience, what most leaders consider the "soft" issues of business are really the "hard" issues that can make or break a business. If you and your team keep getting stuck on "soft" issues, visit the Resource Library or contact me.


Kent Porter
Porter Leadership Development

P.S. - If you have an urgent high-level "people" situation and want to sample another way of thinking, send me an e-mail and weíll schedule a brief phone or Skype call.