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Doing business in the 21st century requires a very different type of leadership. In addition to managing the numbers, today’s business leaders must also have the
skills to:

  • Create alignment around a shared vision
  • Build consensus among many diverse points of view
  • Manage conflict and confrontation in a positive manner
  • Give and receive CEO-Level Feedback
  • Tell people the truth in a way that they can hear and act on
  • Build trust as a foundation for creating effective relationships
  • Coach and be coached to higher levels of performance

This model requires a very different developmental path, one that focuses on eliminating old attitudes about leadership and invests heavily in the development of new skills and behaviors to enhance your effectiveness as a leader. We call it Transformative Leadership™. It enables you to overcome common leadership “blind spots” and achieve radical breakthroughs in your ability to get results through others.

An old mind set sees conflict and says, Lets agree to disagree. The new mind set says, We are on the same team and must work together. Lets talk this out. Here is how I think Ive caused problems and what I can do going forward.