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Anybody can be a difference-maker in their company

Read these chapters from my book that are about difference-makers just like you

When people come to me they are often frustrated, misunderstood, and ready to give up. They don’t realize their true value to the company. But we are all difference-makers. I work with people to help them recognize this and show them ways they can begin to shine in their roles at work. By helping them understand their frustrations and showing real ways to fix them, I can add value back into their work-day, and even resolve problems at home!

My book is based on difference-makers I’ve worked with. Each had a frustration that they were unable to fix on their own. Read these chapters from my book to get a glimpse into my process and how I help people move past issues and realize results at work.

Employee struggling with a manager

#7: Help Your Managers Know What They Want

Donna met me at the receptionist’s desk. She was rubbing her neck as we walked down the hall. She was obviously stressed.

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First-Time Manager

#16: First-Time Manager

“I’m losing sleep over being promoted to manager.” Jeff did look bleary-eyed and added, “I’m a good geologist, but the least qualified in the company to supervise others. I know these guys, and most of them have more experience than I do.”

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#3: The Universal Blind-Spot

I coached Tom and discussed a comment in his evaluation that said he lacked clarity as to what he wanted to be done on projects. From previous conversations, I knew he valued process, so it was logical to ask “What is your process for delegation?”

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Want feedback with value? Be specific.

#20: Want feedback with value? Be specific.

“People who do good work get laid off. It’s politics. I’m a scientist, not a politician, and that makes me nervous.” Max and I were in a small conference room for a coaching session.

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Professional who has reached a breaking point

#9: I almost quit, but now I’m fine

I sent Linda a biography to complete before we had our first coaching session. One question was, “Deep down inside of you, what is your concern?”

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