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Welcome. I’m Kent Porter, and it’s my goal to help you fix frustration at work, enabling you to be a difference-maker, effective communicator, and better leader to improve results and profits.

We’re going to talk about the things you can’t share with others. Maybe you’re struggling with something you can’t tell your business partner, your team, your backers, or even your significant other. But you need to talk about it, to listen to yourself and to gain perspective.

That’s where I come in. I have been in your shoes, grappling with difficult circumstances with no one to turn to. I needed a trusted business advisor but didn’t have one. I was looking for just the right person to listen, ask questions, and explore options.

I decided to become what I needed; a trusted individual who can listen and provide solutions. Together, we can work through frustrations and problems, discussing the best path for you take and the barriers you might face. I’ll force you to think strategically and write an action plan for you to take. And, lastly, I’ll hold you accountable, so you resolve issues and settle conflict.

Trusted Business Advisor • Coach • Author

Combining my experience in entrepreneurship with corporate leadership and academic training

Leadership Workshops

My workshops are customized to your needs and leave no one behind. Using my book as a textbook, I’ll develop your team and fix frustrations in the office.

  • Everyone receives my book
  • Facilitate homework assignments and pose questions
  • Assign accountability partners
  • Start conversations between team members

Porter Leadership Development

Porter Leadership empowers you to fix your frustrations. Your starting point is better relationships. Learn how they see you. Next examine how you see them. This perspective taking opens doors. I'll coach you through difficult conversations and how to set boundaries and say "no" in a way others can accept.

Having A Difficult Conversation

Give me a call today at 858-692-0438

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