3 Aug

Welcome to the Neighborhood

https://youtu.be/eQYiHCpuIYo Welcome to the neighborhood. The neighborhood consists of telling stories with a soul. For example, Katrina was head of an organization that wanted to do an initial public offering. So the accounting had to be top quality. I...

30 Jul

A Journey With Like-Minded People

https://youtu.be/dG-6o-2u75A Welcome. My name is Kent Porter and I’m excited to have you along for A Journey With Like-Minded People. We’re going to discover what it is that really excites you and what it is that pulls you down....

28 Jul

A stumbling block in business

Life on a One-Way Street Donovan, a coaching client, was smiling while scratching his head. “Are you serious? I’m a thirty-six-year-old single male. I want to get married, but no luck. In my job, no luck in getting a...

27 Mar

The Top 5 things You Must be Doing to Advance your Career

Are you wanting to advance your career, but finding yourself feeling frustrated at the lack of opportunities? Being aware of your frustrations and learning how to resolve them effectively will save you time and trouble.

7 Mar

Small Talk Is Big Talk

Your plug a lamp in to get light. Small talk plugs you into relationships.

20 Feb

Are you afraid of speaking up at work?

Do you find yourself being afraid to speak up at work? Well, most people feel the same. There should be a good reason(s) to that the risk and speak up.

10 Feb

Interview questions you need to ask

Here are the assumptions I’ve made so you’ll better understand my questions.

1 Feb

The House Painter

Our house is being painted and I’m chatting with Ernesto the painter.

20 Jan

Fix Frustrations at Work

Frustration is a troublesome emotion. It can mount and mount repeatedly until it becomes too much to take and causes an eruption. Being aware of it and learning how to resolve it effectively will save you time and trouble.

10 Jan

Why doesn’t management address issues and deal in reality?

Alexander is the founder of an international services business with eight offices worldwide.

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