20 Jan

Fix Frustrations at Work

Frustration is a troublesome emotion. It can mount and mount repeatedly until it becomes too much to take and causes an eruption. Being aware of it and learning how to resolve it effectively will save you time and trouble.

10 Jan

Why doesn’t management address issues and deal in reality?

Alexander is the founder of an international services business with eight offices worldwide.

1 Jan

Say Cheese: A Relationship Lesson

I wasn’t going to share this story. It’s personal but now I have no choice. I had a conversation a few minutes ago and saw the positive impact this story had on a marriage under stress so, now I...

19 Dec

Are you a difference maker?

Are you looking to become a difference maker in your organization? If so, you need to be ready to answer a few questions before we get started.

12 Dec

How can you give love from an empty bucket?

Howard supervised a production line of thirty people. He had researched how to motivate people and knew that praise was important.

20 Nov

Why Email may be the Worst Method for Communication

Did you know that email can be the most misinterpreted form of communication in the workplace? The intention of an email is to save time, but if the content is emotional, it can be taken wrong and cause conflict...

16 Oct

Overwhelmed? You’re the problem. You don’t know how to say no.

When you don’t know how to say no, you are putting yourself at risk of burnout. Burnout causes loss of focus, lower productivity, and a higher turnover rate. During your work day, you will be presented with different tasks...