As your trusted business advisor, I assess, challenge and support you to offer real solutions to get you on the right path to personal success.

My process using three steps which will provide you with a plan of action and the necessary support to transform your leadership skills.


During the assessment process, I use a combination of online tools, have you complete a comprehensive biography, then we complete in-depth interviews. This 360 perspective lets us know if you’re effective at motivating others, a clear communicator and offers insight on what you should keep doing, stop doing and start doing.

The assessment identifies current leadership strengths, personal blind spots, and high-leverage developmental opportunities.


I challenge you with a comprehensive action plan. The assessment information is a one-page action plan focused on one high-impact goal, three observable behaviors to achieve that goal, and will list barriers that may exist in achieving that goal. 

Additionally, we will discuss the benefits of achieving goals and choose two people who will mentor your progress and hold you accountable for reaching your developmental markers. Mentors will be trained by me in how to give you the feedback you need to hear.


I support you with scheduled coaching sessions which will force you to pause and get help and encouragement.

Change and transformation are difficult. These conversations will help clarify your strategic thinking.

Are you ready to get started?

My process begins by getting to know you and to understand the frustrations you are experiencing by having you fill out my discovery questionnaire.

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You have questions, we have answers. We’ve outlined our Frequently Asked Questions to offer high-level insight into our process, who would be the right fit and how our experience can not only help you motivate teams but also elevate your career path.
I offer business coaching and consulting to help you be the next-level version of yourself.

There is a three-step process. First, is assessments. To get to know you best, we have in-depth conversations. I also utilize an assortment of online assessment tools and request a comprehensive biography. Combining the three I’m able to create a comprehensive look into your strengths and challenges.

Second, I challenge you with a focused action plan that is based on assessments and distilled into one goal.
Lastly, I support you through coaching sessions. These conversations make you pause, check progress and hold you accountable.

The costs range from zero to $15,000 for a comprehensive 6-month engagement. The zero is based on a 30-minute call and referring you to my resource center. If this doesn’t meet your needs, then let’s talk.

I am not a psychologist. I’ve moved through the chairs from VP to CEO and I became an entrepreneur. I have coached more than 500 business leaders doing real work and helped them fix their frustrations.

Anyone can become a coach but to be in the top 3% you need to be rigorously trained which I got from being a coach for The Center of Creative Leadership.

I help my clients perform modern-day miracles. It’s a miracle to speak up and be heard; to be quiet and gain influence; to overcome fear and get what you’ve longed for. I’ve witnessed all of these modern miracles.

I couldn’t find the coach I needed when I was building my business, so twenty years ago I decided to become the coach I needed. After not achieving the successes I was after in business, I became that coach, overcame fear, then flourished.

They have to want to learn, grow and find their purpose. They must be committed to change and transformation for the benefit of others not just for themselves.

Inability to get and give feedback, the mindset needs to be reoriented, and the lack of perceived purpose.

Yes, I’ve had one for twenty years. How could I coach others if I didn’t have one?

When the person has been told to get a coach but doesn’t actually want one and doesn’t follow through with the process. When the person is arrogant and won’t listen. When the person has a critical spirit.

Coaching usually starts with a 3, 6 or 9-month engagement. When the trust factor is high, there is synergy and value-added then longer.

There are lots of successes, the best success stories would come directly from those I’ve helped and I would be happy to share those references.
They range from Qualcomm and Disney to small companies such as Denali and Bandy.
Yes, with surprising results. He did a 180. He acknowledged he was a tyrant at work and at home and was lead to see the damage he had caused.
Both. First, individuals. If they don’t know themselves and how they impact others, they won’t make good team members.
I start with my book “Fix Frustrations” using it as the textbook. Everyone reads it and then I challenge them to apply what they’ve read and debrief in small groups. A rising tide in the harbor lifts all ships.
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