Porter Leadership Development lifts up professionals so they become better leaders, more efficient communicators, and ultimately make a difference within their organization

Porter Leadership Development was founded by myself, Kent Porter, so I could help entrepreneurs, executives, and CEOs like myself expand on their talents and establish better leadership skills. Using a three-step process, I assess, challenge, and support you to offer real solutions to fix frustrations.

About Porter Leadership

I want to build a trusted relationship with you. One of my favorite things to tell clients is, “If you want to complain, talk to a psychologist. If you want to discover how to improve yourself, let’s talk.” I’m here to offer real solutions to frustrations at work, relationship building, advice on how to have difficult conversations, and how to improve your management style.

I’m here to help you realize results by offering a different perspective. We’ll work together, talking about goals, conflict, and frustrations, and find ways to fix them.

I’m committed to providing the help and support I wish I had.

I spent 14 years of my life building my own business. I worked in the trenches, leading my team and developing my skills. As I worked my way through difficult circumstances, I had no one to turn to.

Because I’ve been there, I know what you’re looking for. I’m familiar with corporate and professional culture and have worked as a senior executive and CEO, recruiting, training, and managing a national sales force. I’ve formulated vision and mission statements and created and implemented highly successful strategic and marketing plans, advertising and promotional strategies, operational procedures and human resource policies.

I have also served as adjunct faculty and executive coach with The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), a world leader in the development and implementation of leadership training curriculum.

It’s with this combination of entrepreneurship with hands-on corporate leadership experience and academic training that qualifies me to be a trusted business advisor.

A perspective

The majority of top athletes, managers and leaders have at least one coach.

In order to:

  • Create alignment around a shared vision
  • Build consensus among many diverse points of view
  • Manage conflict and confrontation in a positive manner
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Tell people the truth in a way that they can hear and act on
  • Build trust as a foundation for creating effective relationships
  • Coach and be coached to higher levels of performance

This model requires a very different developmental path, one that focuses on eliminating old attitudes about people and invests heavily in the development of new skills and behaviors to enhance your effectiveness in doing the right thing. This enables you to overcome common “blind spots” and achieve radical breakthroughs in your ability to get results through others. It is about building up others in a genuine way.

An old mindset sees conflict and says, “Let’s agree to disagree.” The new mindset says, “We are on the same team and must work together. Let’s talk this out. Such as, “Here is how I think I’ve caused problems and what I can do going forward.”

Twenty years of experience

Since founding Porter Leadership, I have consulted with and coached a wide array of industries. Including communications, manufacturing, mining, defense, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, financial, hospitality and automotive.

I have coached more than 500 people in small, medium and large companies such as L-3 Communications, Denali Advisors, REVA Medical, Qualcomm, Caterpillar/Solar Turbines, Veridiam and Arena Pharmaceuticals. My coaching process set them free to achieve consistently higher levels of individual and organizational performance.

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