My three-step process will help you improve relationships

As a seasoned entrepreneur and leader, I have founded start-up companies, run multi-million dollar enterprises, served as a CEO of a division of a multinational corporation, and more recently, successfully coached small businesses, entrepreneurs and middle-market companies.

I have the “street credibility” needed to be a well-rounded business coach versus solely relying on purely academic or psychology backgrounds. I’m in recovery from being an arrogant, controlling manager who was successful in the short-term but unsuccessful in the long-term. I’ve been humbled and now ask questions, listen and challenge in a kind way. One that will not put you on the defensive.

I assess, challenge and support you as we work to move your dreams into a reality.

My process consists of a proven three-step process that ensures personal and business growth. When you engage in a coaching relationship with me, you’ll receive a customized approach to training and mentorship that focuses on you and what makes you unique. This is not a one-size-fits-all program. It’s focused on helping you in self-discovery.

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When you choose Porter Leadership you gain access to:

  • A customized coaching experience based on the assessment process.
  • A caring relationship with a seasoned leader who see you for your potential and what you can become.
  • Coaching based on 10,000 hours of coaching conversations with more than 500 business leaders.
  • Lessons on how to give and get feedback, reducing the risk in difficult conversations and other tools to support an ongoing process of development.
  • Mutually agreed upon verifiable metrics of performance and results. We will use both numbers and insights from others.
  • My coaching and book to get results through others.
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