A Journey With Like-Minded People

| July 30, 2020

Welcome. My name is Kent Porter and I’m excited to have you along for A Journey With Like-Minded People.

We’re going to discover what it is that really excites you and what it is that pulls you down. I’m going to go on the premise that there are, other than just the five senses, that there is a spiritual element. Assuming that there is a spiritual element, do you think that spiritual element wishes you well or wants to have you befuddled and turned upside down?

I think it’s safe to assume that God wants you to have peace of mind. That implies you can’t rely on yourself, cause if you think yourself sufficient, that’s when you get in trouble and the cord gets wound around the axle and it gets tighter and tighter, which probably a lot of you are experiencing.

My prayer is that through looking at it from the side of what the good Lord wants for you, you can come up with a better scenario.

So visualize that you’re now in a situation where you see the upside. Erase all that other junk and garbage. Get it out of your head. Put it in the trashcan and let’s talk about the good things that you can experience.

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